CEO Strategy Session

This service is for CEOs who want to take their nose away from the grindstone for half a day, and explore the goals they are truly motivated to reach in the near future  (typically from 6-12 months).

Often, this work is about finding new ways to position themselves in an ever-changing landscape of player’s interests and expectations, without getting consumed in the process. My clients become more proactive, are perfectly prepared for crucial meetings and negotiations, manage their emotions better, and make more of an impact with less noise. 

  • From outside, a CEO position looks like one that wields great power and influence – the perfect platform from which to carry out ambitious long-term strategies and visions. Yet inside this position there are also huge pitfalls. It boils down to having the energy and perspective to decide what matters most next, and to make it happen with existing resources. Successful holders of CEO roles readily admit they cherish and savour the thrill and maneuvering space their position brings. Yet they often wish they could take advantage of this without consuming quite so much energy.
  • Having to communicate direction across all levels is a tough call. Especially when top teams are composed of members from various countries and interest groups, aligning one’s influencing and communication styles to the specificities of the "target audience" is a challenge. It implies that managers need to reflect on and expand on their “natural styles” to get their message across and create maximum impact in a diverse environment.
  • On the higher echelons of management, a lot of time is devoted to pondering political issues, analyzing power constellations, and thinking through the implications of various decision-making scenarios. As the CEO's job is also to promote innovation and new business, it is critical to keep the invested time at a minimum - which, with a trusted confidant with whom to bounce off ideas is a lot easier than one one's own.

Bottom line: A sparring partner with only your best interests in mind can produce an outside view to help you find angles that you overlooked before. I also show you how to create leverage by carefully mapping where you need to manage expectations better, and only where what you are doing at the moment does not serve your interests. As a result, you will focus on the real priorities and learn not to get too stressed out over the rest.  No more, no less.

Sample Testimonials

The Strategy Session in a Nutshell

  • In this half-day session, we focus completely on you - and create a top-down and bottom-up view of your situation from all relevant angles, business and personal;
  • We explore your goals, priorities and concerns for the next 12-18 months;
  • We match this situation with your goals and targets, as well as your personality;
  • I will give you open feedback as to what I think you should consider in order to manage your resources with insight and efficiency, and achieve the success for which you work so hard;
  • Zero risk: full first hour is for you to determine if you’d like to continue; if not, I’ll waive my fee – you just buy lunch.
  • You come prepared to openly discuss your situation. Full confidentially guaranteed.

Warning: This is an entry-level drug. Most CEOs don't want to stop there but want to keep meeting on a monthly (and later bi-monthly) basis. But even if you don’t decide to continue working with me, you will leave this session with renewed clarity and energy around your goals, your role, and your challenges.