How Executive Reflectioning means An Edge For You

Executive Reflectioning addresses the manifold volatile and dynamic variables in the life of leaders that help them “surf ahead of the wave”. It speaks to leaders who expect a lot from themselves, and have a need to shape things, to lean into trends, and to keep improving – otherwise, they become restless and dissatisfied. 

Managers and entrepreneurs move in an exciting space: on the one hand, their position gives them a high degree of creative power, discretion and responsibility. On the other hand, their actions are closely monitored and evaluated at all times from all sides - by stakeholders, competitors and not to forget, their inner critic...

Leaders have to radiate energy, clarity and consistency - no trivial call in times of constant change. And something they can neither delegate nor ignore; even a leader's silence will be perceived as communication. Leaders therefore have to be mindful of their impact at all times - regardless of what is going on in the business, their management team or even in their personal environment. 

Many leaders appreciate reflecting their actions with a trusted partner. Not primarily, but also when the going gets rough, when they cannot fully show up to what is on their plate, or find themselves caught in a loop. 

What my clients appreciate in our collaboration is the joy that comes from discovering how they can satisfy their need for impact without completely depleting themselves in the process. (Most are already world-class at making an impact while exhausting themselves,) The idea is that they leave every session inspired, recharged and refocused. This also is no trivial call – but definitely what I aspire to.

Do you believe that every experience contains a learning point, even the very expensive ones, and do you have a partner who helps you to constantly raise your bar? If you are looking for someone to fill this role, my hope is that you find what you need here to discover whether you would like us to meet in person:

So - what do my clients have to say? The pictures on my homepage "show their true colours" and reveal a reference from a broad spectrum of my clients. You can see a different selection of 9 eachtime, but can meet most of them again in the recommendations section on my LinkedIn profile.