I am a coach who "gets" the challenges that leaders face

Our collaboration helps my clients satisfy their deep need for impact and results on one hand, but also nurture their personal values, and purpose in life - allowing them to show up not just as a high achiever, but as a fully-fledged human being.

Some of the challenges and situations that experienced leaders consider sufficiently mission-critical to initiate a first session -  to discover if and how I can add value to their thinking. This can result in a collaboration with them, or with their entire management team.

  • Innovation with a managed immune response.
  • Hybrid leadership in an international context.
  • Developing the C-Level into a high-performing team. 
  • Communicating profound changes constructively within the company. 
  • Simply achieving more with less "noise". 
  • Finding the right successor - as entrepreneur or top manager.
  • Setting up family succession plans that respect relations and the business interests. 
  • Maintaining the balance between short-term and long-term orientation.
  • Speaking of balance: making sure to be in the mental and physical condition to stay the course. 
  • Making the leap from the C suite to GM.

I invite you to take 1-1,5 hours for a coffee or lunch to discuss your situation - and get a first glimpse of how we would "work" together. Since this is a gut feeling as much as a rational decision, there is no better way than a personal meeting.

Experience what it means if someone perceives you and your situation in all its complexity - for a dialogue that opens up new perspectives, provides impetus and leads you to the core of your issues every single time. 

My clients know from their own experience that the benefit of our cooperation on them is difficult for others to comprehend. Therefore, they have kindly taken the trouble to put their insights into clear words, and so make the experience more tangible for you.