Are We a Good Fit?

There are moments where only confidential open one-to-one dialogue can deliver meaningful insight. Teaming up with a professional coach enables you to turn a vague feeling of what direction you should take into a specific action that gives you a solution. It is for people who want to take full ownership of their lives and decisions - curious, self-aware and results-oriented professionals. They often feel they have outgrown the general models, theories, and rules that surround them. At this point in their professional lives, they want something that works for them, and fits their personality and values.

So much for coaching. But when are we likely to make a good team? I'd say when:

  • you expect coaching to be a challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable journey
  • you want a coach who has an opinion when you are asking for one
  • you value experience as a professional and as a human being, and a varied background
  • you want someone with whom you’ll feel comfortable opening up even when the going gets tough
  • you want someone who is pragmatic, resourceful and flexible
  • no “asking machine” but a well-rounded partner to meet you where you are

Professionally, I have longstanding experience in change management, creating contexts conducive to change. As a pragmatic, structured, business-minded person,
I have spent over 20 years studying the principles of good management and effective people. I have benefited much from the inventive, creative outlooks and perspectives gained in over ten years of coaching with managers from nearly all industries and varied backgrounds and ambitions. My ongoing postgraduate studies in areas as diverse as systems theory, neurobiology, systemic therapy, linguistics and philosophy allows me to access the resources, ideas and techniques to find solutions with you that fit your needs.

I not only look at your personality, behaviours and belief systems, but also at the structures and systems you work and live in - both now and in the near future. This is why we will find solutions that match the complexity of your context.

Personally, other than being a creative dialogue addict, I enjoy reading about philosophy, history, and people. I play the piano, appreciate classical music, opera, jazz, and probably most of all, exquisite food.