What working with me entails

With coaching, you are looking at a timeframe of several months -typically 6-9 months- for your project. While our way of working will depend on your individual issues as well as your preferences, potential clients often want to get a rough idea. Here is what you can expect:

  • In a 4-hour kick-off session, we will discuss your circumstances in depth and establish compelling goals that you are motivated to put into practice.
  • This is followed by typically between 3 and 9 sessions. Some may be held over the telephone, if meeting in person is a challenge. Intervals between sessions are at least 3, and up to 6 weeks.
  • Ongoing work on “homework“ that leads directly to your goals with e-mail and phone support by me as requested in between.
  • At coaching sessions, we review and update strategies for your long-term goals, but also work on current issues to make sure you stay on track and get real-time results.
  • After this programme, you can book occasional individual sessions. Many clients appreciate this opportunity for a regular “pit stop“

You are also welcome to book single half-day sessions. This makes sense if you just want a road map or are in an acute crisis. In our first meeting, we will discuss whether a programme or just a couple of sessions is the best choice for you.
Let's find out! If you want more information, my e-book "Professional Coaching" is yours free - order it here.