Sample Testimonial

Get to know your team in just a day:
As a manager responsible for the CEE region, I realized that many issues with my top team were caused by simply spending too little time with them. I used to think Away Days were a waste of time, but when a friend mentioned the Top Team Day they did with Annette, I became curious. I have to say this was a day very well spent. Even the most sceptical people on the team were engaged and positive. I never experienced my team listening and paying such close attention. We learnt a lot about each other, and I now know much better what I can expect of every person on my team. It‘s been a few months now, and it is clear that this has paid off handsomely. We have implemented tangible things, and I still expect more benefits over the next months. The atmosphere in our management meetings has completely changed.  -- Regional Manager, 57