Reconnecting with your energy and impact

This is a programme for highly dedicated middle managers (and members of the management team of smaller companies) who have successfully mastered their job role, but have worn themselves out in the process. 

They are aware that they are largely trying to get things done by using the skills sets and management style that were well adapted to previously held positions but have reached their limits in the present one. They realize that, to advance their career, they may need to update their skills, and then refocus on the real priorities of their role – a combination that will help them reconnect with their personal energy and drive.

Sample Testimonials

Full brochure available for HR managers and senior executives wishing to promote a direct report. The brochure features a detailed, benefit-oriented section for managers, an in-depth section for the potential coachee (preparing them for a period of reflection and professional growth), and a questionnaire to help determine if my services could be a good match for your needs.