Now take the first step

Let me invite you to find out what kind of goals - and results - get people just like you to invest 3-4 hours every month into working with me.

I'd like to take you out for a leisurely lunch, in which you'll have an opportunity to experience the unique quality of dialogue with a coach. If you are not inspired by this level of exchange, we simply end, and you owe me nothing. I will take this as professional feedback - no hard feelings. And if you are intrigued by what you discover and want to proceed, we will discuss options of working together.

Take me up on this invitation. This offer is for you, if you are

  • a senior executive, and the sole decision maker in your coaching project
  • a business owner with at least 5 years experience and 30+ staff
  • a manager willing to personally invest into a coaching project if the ROI convinces you

Then here’s the next step: contact me now to set up our lunch and get the ball rolling. 

If this is not the right time to move forward, why not order my free e-book "The Proposition of Professional Coaching - For Senior Managers and Business Owners" for future reference? You can see a glimpse of it here. I'll be happy to send you your personal copy.